Holly Grove

Hollygrove Neighborhood

New Orleans, Louisiana

Lead Agencies

The New Orleans Health Department

The New Orleans Health Department (NOHD) was selected as one of three national recipients of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Best Babies Zone grant, led by UC Berkeley.  The New Orleans BBZ consists of a core team from NOHD, Healthy start new orlesn, student interns from LSUHSC, Dillard University and a CDC assignee.

This neighborhood was selected due to the high rates of low birth weight, asthma among young children as well as poverty and crime.  The Hollygrove neighborhood has a well-established Community Development Corporation, Healthy Start services and innovative community interventions such as Greenline recreational community space.  These and other community activities already present in Hollygrove align with goals of BBZ work in terms of increasing economic development, engagement of partners, and improving health and educational access.


Hollygrove Map